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Attention Glam Girls!
We try our best to make sure any questions you may have will be answered here in our FAQ. If there is anything left unanswered, please see our Contact Page and email us your inquiry.
All About GirlsGoGlam Lashes

Mink lashes are made up of 100% genuine premium siberian fur that provide a natural shine and are completely hypo-allergenic. All of our fur is ethically sourced and collected from free-range farms during the natural shedding season only. All of the mink maintain perfect health which gives their fur lustre and shine. The tail of the mink is carefully brushed and each single hair is collected as it naturally sheds. The only way to maintain the fluffy and wispy tips are through this gentle process. The fur is then meticulously sterilized using natural cleansing agents and naturally derived dyes to colour the fur black without the use of chemical additives.

All of our GirlsGoGlam Lashes are 3D Mink Lashes using ethically sourced cruelty-free mink fur of the finest quality, it is the most luxurious and lightweight material that can be used in the crafting of false lashes. When handcrafted our lashes have three separate layers of 100% mink fur to create a fluffier, wispier, multilayered appearance for your most natural looking lashes yet. They are handmade layering each individual hair onto our cotton band, there are three layers of meticulous placement of the fur, each layer is suspended on the band and air-dried before the next layer can be added. This process can take upwards of 2 hours for each individual pair of lashes. This concept is designed to replicate natural lashes. The base of a 3D lash is flat, moving towards the tip of the lash it becomes thin, polished and multidimensional. 

The difference between Synthetic and Mink Lashes is unquestionably, the quality. Mink is a 100% natural fur that provides a lightweight feel, natural shine, and flexibility. Mink Lashes have the ability to be curled, mimicking real human hair which gives them a feather like appearance. Unlike synthetic lashes, our lashes are free from chemical processing and dyes which allows for an extremely soft and natural look. Mink Lashes possess a much longer lifespan as they can be worn until they're unusable, in contrast to Synthetic Lashes, which may be cheaper in price but have a very limited lifespan as they are only usable for a few uses and are potentially irritating to the eye along with looking and feeling less natural. Mink Eyelashes are considered top-tier opposed to Synthetic Lashes. Consider the comparison as such; Mink is the Queen B of Lashes and Synthetic is the Jester. 

GirlsGoGlam Lashes do not come with glue at this time although any standard lash glue or adhesive liner can be used to apply your fabulous lashes! 

Feel free to give those lashes a curl if you wish as they are made with 100% mink fur of the finest quality therefore the curl stays in place and maintains it's shape. You can curl them as you would your own lashes, however do bear in mind that our lashes are already exquisitely designed with a natural curl.

If this is not your first time, I would say more frequent false lash users take up to 5 minutes max to apply lashes. This includes all the necessary steps like trimming/shaping the lash if necessary, setting the glue, and adjusting as you see fit. That being said, don't beat yourself up if thats not you, take your time and be patient while getting acquainted with the application process, after all, patience is a virtue! The more frequently you practice, the easier it will become. Pretty soon you'll be applying those lashes like a pro! The old age saying "Practice makes perfect" ring any bells?

We currently offer a diverse range of 21 luxurious handcrafted lashes as we wanted to guarantee there would be a lash for everyone to fall for. Each unique style is designed to achieve a different look for every individual eye shape. For Lash Lovers like ourselves, all of our styles are ready to wear for every occasion.

For our effortless, less is more girls, we offer 7 effortlessly stunning lash styles: Ambition, Dreamer, Mystery, Purity, Dainty, Timeless, and Empower.

We offer 8 original Dramatic Style Lashes suited to your own personal preference. Our most dramatic styles are: Celestial, Midnight, Epic, True Calling, Flashy, Prodigy, Power, and Limitless made specifically for our Ultra Glam Girls who are looking to achieve the most glam, steal the show look. 

Proper care is everything when it comes to keeping up your lashes. Please see our Cleaning & Reusing Guide for how to best maintain your lashes for the most maximum uses.

Here's the 411. You've heard whispers that your favourite falsies can be reused over and over, which poses the obvious question how many times is too many and is it safe to do so? The reapplication method and lifespan expectancy depends on how well you care for them, the desired look, and how you treat your lashes overall. We have tested the durability of our lashes long term before the quality and look is compromised before they flatline and we can confidently say, if you treat your lashes like you love them, the lifespan can last months. Just ask any of our Glam Girls!

Hey Sleeping Beauty! We politely advise you to ditch the idea of wearing your lashes to bed. GirlsGoGlam Lashes should be handled with the utmost care as they are delicate and dainty. Sleeping with lashes on can diminish the appearance and integrity of the lash. Not only that, but could potentially injure your eyes especially for some of you tossers and turners out there, it's a recipe for disaster! 

This is a good one, now ladies I'm assuming your asking this because you want to look fabulous on your tropical getaway or want to impress that hunk in your life with your long lustrous lashes. You absolutely can but we do not recommend doing so as swimming will diminish the style and shape of your lashes and will shorten the lifespan. So that being said, I would suggest keeping your beautiful face above water to avoid this altogether or bring extra back up styles so your covered either way! 

The answer is yes! GirlsGoGlam Lashes are gentle and free from chemical processing. All styles are suitable for everyone! To ensure correct application and removal for optimal use please refer to our Love Your Lashes Page

We certainly do and we know your going to love what we have to offer. For more detailed information please see our Makeup Artist Discount Page.

Please email with all your credentials; website and social media accounts and we will get in touch with you upon selection. For more information on Affiliation, visit our GirlsGoGlam Program Page.

GirlsGoGlam Order Information

All GirlsGoGlam orders will be processed in CAD Currency.

GirlsGoGlam will not be held responsible for any customs/duty charges that may be imposed by your country.

Yes, we do as we aim to keep all of our customers happy. At checkout, use our shipping calculator to input the destination for different shipping options and prices. For more information, please refer to our Shipping & Handling Page.

Tracking numbers are emailed to you the moment your package is shipped out, however, the USPS website takes roughly 24 hours for the tracking information to update in their system. Please be patient and give their system time to catch up.

GirlsGoGlam shipping costs are determined by how many lashes are in your basket at the time of check out. Once your ready to finalize your order enter the desired address and it will calculate the shipping costs automatically for you. For more information please refer to our Shipping & Handling Page.

Due to the nature of our products and for hygienic reasons we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on lashes. For more detailed information, please refer to our Exchange & Refund Policy Page.

We try to ship orders as quickly as possible. If you notify us before your order has been shipped, your cancellation request will be considered however not guaranteed due to the nature of our payment processing system. Once your order has been shipped we cannot cancel the order.

All sale items or items purchased using a discount/ promotional code are 100% FINAL.  

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