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Selection & Application

"Give a girl the right pair of lashes and she can conquer the world.”
We offer many different shapes and sizes with a diverse variety of styles and looks suitable for all our Glam Girls.
Our Collections feature our Natural Volume Lashes, our Medium Volume Lashes and last but not least our Full Volume Lashes.
When choosing your perfect pair of lashes it is helpful to keep in mind whether you consider what eye shape you have as certain lash styles are more complimentary to each individual eye shape.
When sizing GirlsGoGlam Lashes to your desired shape or length remove the lash strip from it's packaging and gently bend the eyelash back and forth to help loosen the lash strip. This allows the band to be perfectly pliable when placing the falsie onto your natural lash line in order to measure the length. We suggest trimming the lashes for a seamless fit, creating an easier application when reused; although it is not always necessary. Take the eyelash away from your eye to trim the outter corner if needed. Be careful not to over-trim as that can ruin your false lashes. When your ready to apply your falsies onto the eye, use your fingers, tweezers, or lash applicator for a seamless application. Place lashes directly above your natural lash line, your false lash should begin a few millimetres away from the inner corner of your eye.
Depending on how you prefer your lashes to be applied or the desired look you wish to achieve you are welcome to apply a sparse amount of mascara onto your own eyelashes before applying your GirlsGoGlam Lashes for a more blended look. Another option is to curl your own eyelashes before application but remember not to give lashes too severe of a curl, your falsies need to lie against your natural lash line.
When it comes to applying adhesive onto your lashes there are different options depending on preference. For our beginner lash girls it may be easier to squeeze glue onto the back end of an eyeliner brush then hold the lash between your finger and gently run the glue evenly along the band giving you control on how much glue you wish to apply.
You can also apply glue directly from the tube onto lash band however this method often takes practice and can result in an overflow of excess glue. Generally glue can become dried out and plug up the front nozzle so be sure to keep it clean as possible otherwise next time you squeeze your glue you'll find it more difficult to get out due to clogging which can result in over squeezing and overflow of wasted glue diminishing your false lash. Practice makes perfect!
For finishing touches everyone is different, some like to apply a few light strokes of mascara after the falsies are fully on. It's a good way to blend your natural lashes with the false ones and lifts the lashes creating a more seamless look and feel. Some lash lovers prefer no mascara for a more natural look. Keep in mind that keeping your GirlsGoGlam Lashes away from product will allow for them to remain in pristine condition for optimal reusability.
Once you've had your fun and it’s time for the lashes to come off lightly grasp the outer edge of the lashes and gently pull up toward the inner corner of your eye. If your lashes are firmly on a good trick is using a damp Q-Tip with warm water or makeup remover to run along the lash line to dissolve the glue. Once the glue is more pliable it should make for an easier removal. Don't be rough with your lashes when removing them as it will diminish the quality of the lash overall. Once your falsies are fully removed don't forget to use makeup remover to remove any access glue still clinging onto your lids or own eyelashes. 

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