Cleaning & Reusing

...when it comes to caring for your lashes. During application or removal remember to always pull from the outer corners towards the inner corners and never vigorously tug at them, they are your lashes after all!
After the removal of your falsies you'll want to carefully remove any excess glue leftover on the lash or band to prevent the next application from lying flat against your lash line.
In this case do not soak your lashes as it may diminish the curl or appearance of the mink fur and you wouldn't want that! GirlsGoGlam lashes are crafted to be durable and long lasting all on there own so skip the product overdose and leave them be!
Store your GirlsGoGlam lashes in their original casing to avoid any harm that may compromise the quality of your lash. Protecting them against bacteria, dust, or any other unwanted evils is the best way to ensure that your GirlsGoGlam lashes remain intact and most importantly stay clean. Hygiene is not something to be taken lightly, right girls? Lastly, be sure not to leave your lashes in direct sunlight during hot temperatures as it can change the colour of the fur, warp the band or loosen the adhesive.
When it comes to your false lashes we feel like this is the old age tale that everyone gets scolded for but all keep doing. Mascara ruins the durability of falsies and yet we find ourselves reaching for the mascara wand for that extra wow factor. You won't get detention for it as long as you are fully aware the lash life is bound to be shortened. Certain products may contain oil which can potentially ruin the quality, curl and shine of the fur. We all have different preferences on how we wish our lashes to look so it is to your own discretion on how you wish to proceed. For those of you looking for an ideal compromise, apply mascara to your own lashes before applying your falsies so they'll have something to grip to for a blend-able beautiful application!
A good trick for cleaning residue off the lengths of the lash is to take a tissue, lay the lashes on it, then using a Q-Tip dipped in oil free makeup remover to gently wipe off mascara residue while holding the lash against the tissue. Repeat until satisfied. Dry the lash with tissues and then pop your falsie back in it's tray. Press the band gently onto the curve, this will keep the band's shape and flexibility. Last but not least put those beauties to rest in their lashbox and VOILA!

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